Adding intelligence and efficiency to pharmaceutical and biomedical cold-chains

A patent-pending, all-in-one inventory management and cold-chain monitoring solution designed for pharmacies, clinics, laboratories and organisations with temperature-sensitive assets.

Real-time inventory visibility

Real-time visibility of temperature-sensitive inventory across fridges and locations with our innovative inventory management functionality.

Smart cold-chain monitoring

Fridge performance and use monitored automatically with our customisable, responsive cold-chain monitoring functionality.

Optimised inventory processes

Identify, track, trace and control pharmaceutical and biomedical assets in your cold-chain with our cloud-based software system and easy-to-use dashboard.

About us

With expertise in engineering, pharmaceutical medicine, cognitive behavioural science, privacy, security and data science, we are FridgeInsights, a proudly Australian company.

Based in Sydney, and established in 2020, we work at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical, biomedical and healthcare cold-chain R&D and real-world deployment.

Roger Dunkerley is Managing Director. Andrew Jaworski is Head of Legal. Our technical team is lead by Jason Frost.

Why the FridgeInsights solution?

Align inventory, fridge, team and goals

Cold-chain breaches cost millions of dollars each year, resulting in waste, compromising patient safety, and upending clinical trial and laboratory research activities. With refrigeration as the invisible backbone of healthcare and R&D, fewer cold-chain breaches and more efficient fridge performance are good for people and the planet. Our solution offers robust, real-time, automated cold-chain monitoring.

Having the right temperature-sensitive medicine or refrigerated specimen in the right place, at the right time, is essential for positive patient outcomes and healthcare innovation. Efficient inventory management, particularly of PBS-listed medicines, is critical. Real-time inventory visibility and automated inventory management capabilities help pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and laboratories achieve their mission-critical goals.

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